Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our America Part I

The interview that really stands out and sets LeAlan and Lloyd apart from their peers is the interview with "shorty" the drug dealer. The two parties view on life is very obviously different. Shorty only expects to live for 10 years at most. He knows his life style will lead to death, yet he will continue to do what will lead him there. While the LeAlan and Lloyd are trying to make something of themselves. I just found the differences astonishing.

The last chapter of part I explains it best. Not to look at ghetto kids and see than as a difference being, we all are human. I think that they show that pretty well. They give reasoning to why things are the way they are, or at least they search out that reason. Thus sheading light onto the issue. They do this by showing thier conversations and allowing me to relate to them. They speak their mind and allow the reader to take what they will.

The community they live in is separated off from the rest of the city, if you are born there you die there. It's a trap that you can never get out of much like the example given. There aren't many differences, now it's not about race but wealth. Ghetto's are places where bad things happen to the people there, so it makes perfect sense that the word has a negative connotation. Also for white culture it represents things that they don't know and in turn gives them a fearful idea behind it.

Like any other neighborhood, people go through life, they live and love, laugh and cry. It just has a backdrop of a much more dangerous place. There is crime and violence right next to these other experiences. This makes having the good experiences harder to find because the negative ones are so much stronger at times.

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