Monday, November 10, 2008

New Artist statement.

This series of shirts is called I'm Black. It takes the phrase 'I'm Black' and morphs the text into many different images that represents different stereotypes and how they may or may not pertain to myself while others are more personal experiences. All of them are trying to get the viewer to think outside of their cultural norms. I want to make them think why do they think or don't think these stereotypes are true.
The reason I used shirts is because it makes the message portable. I can wear it and let others see and think about it easily. As well, the idea of shirts having phrases on them is not new, so people will be much more open to it than if I made a video. People will be more open to reading a t-shirt for a couple seconds that might bring up something they might feel uncomfortable about than watch a 3-5 minute movie on the same subject. The briefness of the shirt let's the viewer relax.
The great thing about this work is that it can be done by anyone and any race. While the viewer is thinking about how I work into stereotypes they can think on how they might be or not be similar to stereotypes they know. In the end I hope my shirts can help the viewer in learning about themselves and how they fit into society.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Project III

I'll be working with my first project with the I'm Black shirts. Here's a link that is somewhat of an example of what I had in mind when I started out. I felt this project had the strongest message and that's why I want to make more shirts and maybe remake the ones I already have. It's mah baby. I think I'll remake the shirts, make more shirts, and try to make them as professional as possible. As in making everything look as if they were made by some machine for mass production. All of this is really to just expand on the idea. It's like if I had more time to work on it, what would I do. This project 3 is that.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Street Fight

I was angered by the fact that the current mayor used his power in such a corrupt way, but again that's politics as it is, and that in itself get's me really angry. Politics have become such a dirty game. But I did like how Booker did fight a clean fight, that does show that there are good politicians out there, and of course how people saw that and voted for him, much like this election. We have a less vetted candidate running against someone who's been around. The vetted person has run a much dirtier campaign while Obama has kept it very clean. But this movie is different because it was two Democrats against each other so I'm sure they had similar policies.