Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two for one.

I'm not voting for McCain, simply put they have turn this race into a carnival act of horrid politics. From bashing Obama for not having experience to then grabing up an Palin who has virtual no experience and then saying she's ready for the job is inexcusable. I've gown so tired of the Republicans trying to treat politics with such a visual facad with no substance. I'm just so ready for a change and I think Obama is at least the step in the right direction.

America just loves to commercialize any holiday. If they can cheaply make an item that corresponds to a holiday, you are sure to see it in every Walmart and Target in America. We are unable to celibate without having to buy something. Somewhere between our Declaration of Independence and now, we simply stopped caring about the small liberties and only cared about the big things. “What can I get out of this” attitudes and not “what can I do”. We've changed from a country that was ready to fight for freedoms to one that barely lifts a finger when our own government encroaches upon our very rights. Somewhere in time, we became lazy, maybe it was when America became fat.
From phone taping, to bottle necking the internet, to outright bias on our TV “news” stations, we have lost true control over our country. I mean we as in the citizens. Colectivly we have said to our government that we don't care if you tap into my phone as long as Idol will be one at 7. At some point in time, that nice carrot the government was dangling in front of was became our obsession. All other aspects of life no longer mattered. It's sad, I know that there are people out there that try to stand up and fight, yet the masses don't seem to hear them over their new plasma screen HD TV. So what are we to do? What will it take to change this American back into something to be proud of? Maybe a new face in Washington, maybe an economic failure, maybe another terrorist attack. Who knows, all I know is that I'll never stop fighting for true freedom.

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